● A Token of Respect

The first volume in the One Penny for Newton saga, this compelling literary fiction explores the aftermath of a man-made disaster that annihilated most of the global population and disrupted the foundations of civil society everywhere.

A uniquely innovative group of ingenious men and women race against time and the worst impulses of man’s nature to prevent the entire world from falling into an irrevocable technological tyranny.

Given the fleeting opportunity to build a new society, they strive to ensure a better, peaceful and indestructible system that benefits all people without using force.

This story will take you on an inspirational journey through enduring falsehoods, agonizing self-examination, and the timeless struggle of human imagination in the face of a relentless, plundering foe and diminishing odds of success.

December, 2023

My friends, this is the final stage of something that has been germinating in my mind for over thirty years. At this point it’s still a one to two year project that could be published as early as this time in 2024.

Life’s uncertainties being what they are, I can’t be certain I will complete this undertaking. However, nothing is more important to me than this story reaching an audience of thoughtful, rational people who care about the themes of this book series; global human freedom, world peace, and the flourishing of our species’ creativity, happiness and longevity inside a stable, non-coercive social system.

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